New Year New Stuff

So far in this fresh, crisp, miserably cold and snowy New Year, I have rearranged my studio and decided to explore hand-lettering and calligraphy a little more. 

For starters, the last time I attempted any sort of calligraphy I looked like this:

I lived in England and went to a private school and wore a tie and wrote in cursive with a fountain pen.

Since then, I've used my penmanship skills for writing office-approved sick notes for people in high school (which ended up paying for a couple of my lunches), and more recently for poster design and some hand-rendered signage for my friend Katie's wedding.

One thing I appreciate with hand-lettering is that it encourages me to slow down and have patience with the work I'm creating. When you do something like this on-screen (font changes, resizing, structuring, etc.) it's easily done in a few clicks and taps. When you're sketching it out and playing with various versions on paper and trace, it's a little more time-consuming but also a more organic, explorational experience of form and proportion and all those other fun principles.

I've just finished working on a quote for a silent auction fundraiser at St. Thomas School in Ann Arbor. I made some hand-rendered type and sketches, playing with style and composition, and then screen-printed onto some beyond-gorgeous paper I bought on an impulse trip to Paper Source and placed it in a floating frame. We'll see how much it goes for!