Birthday Box

I often forget that people don't see the way I do. The realization comes to me when I make something for someone and see their reaction of genuine surprise and delight at the creation. This is even more apparent (and rewarding) when I make something out of love.

I think it goes without saying that the things and people we are passionate about are our strongest motivators for the work we make. In this case, I decided to make someone I love (my boyfriend) a gift for something he loves (his collection of Mage Knight collectible miniature figurines).

Not only did the opportunity help me to understand and appreciate my boyfriend's nerdy enthusiasms (I'm now quite versed in the histories and abilities of everything from Orcs to Mage Spawn), but it was a great opportunity to get off the screen and MAKE something...and to use the skills I learned from spending one-fourth of a semester in Woodshop.

Storage bins and map tiles. Birch. Approx. 18" x 18" x 24".